Gallery of pictures of LCF Meter in action

Final version of LCF-meter in aluminium box.

final version box

A 300MHz self test (without divider 1:10). Frequency is sourced from internal independent PLL.

self sourcing from PLL

Testing with sub-GHz generator (with divider 1:10), Clapp oscillator used as a source of signal.

sourced by oscillator

Harmonic distorsion self test on center frequency 1kHz with filter on DDS output. Small board on left is active signal level shifter.

harmonic distortion test

Testing capacitance between measuring spears on frequency 10 kHz

test of resting capacitance

Test measurement on LC circuit (L ~ 470 uH, C ~ 10 nF)

impedance curve of LC circuit

Measuring impedance of small 8 ohm speaker

impedance curve of speaker

Measuring phase deviation between Morion MV89A an FEI FE-5680A (both bought on e-bay)

testing phase deviation between MV89A and FE5680A